Pumps can’t cope in heavy rain

I live just along the road from where the flooding happened in Western Barn Close on the Winchelsea Road. We are a close of 24 houses and often get flooded when a very heavy spell of rain occurs. Its always blamed on the pumping station across the road which cuts out when it can’t pump the water out quick enough.

We have had Southern Water down loads of times and nothing makes any difference. The pumping station was never meant to handle the amount of homes it has to deal with now.

I have spoken to my MP and I am waiting for a reply. It seems the pumps aren’t big enough and when I suggested maybe a bigger pump was needed I was told that would only push the problem down the line.

Until all the old pumping stations are overhauled the problem is going to keep coming back.

Can anybody help sort out this problem or come up with a solution that will stop us worrying every time it rains?

Roy Dyer

by email