‘Queen’s a royal waste of space’

BARRY Jones shows himself to be an incorrigible royalist, ready to go over the top - and mown down - for Queen and Country (Royal Yacht will be a benefit to everyone, January 27).

Fortunately, some of us are not so enamoured with the monarchy and consider it to be a waste of space and money.

And, contrary to popular labelling, we are democrats: ie we believe in democracy, not aristocracy.

But Barry and co need not worry because sooner than they think the hated Tories will lead England out of the hated EU into the dawn of a new feudal era, complete with a glowering poverty-stricken population, the Scottish and Welsh, having by then thrown off the English yoke. Will anybody spare a copper for the sick man of Europe then, perpetually stuck at the back of the queue?

We are an island - think about it.

Stephen Jackson

Second Avenue, Bexhill