Queen should pay for her own yacht

I HAVE seen that the Queen’s private assets, her estates, are worth about £322million and the income from the Duchy of Lancaster that funds both her public and private activities amounts to about £13.3million.

Thousands of Brits struggle along with basic assets and a meagre wage to purchase and maintain a private yacht.

If the Queen wants a yacht she not only has more than enough income to purchase one but any shortfall could be found by selling off some of the land from her vast estates.

It is inconceivable that any MP should even consider funding a private yacht for the Queen out of the public purse especially in these hardened times.

Furthermore, even if the tax payers paid for it they would never be allowed on board!

I walked up the gangplank of Britannia once to have a look around but was smartly escorted off.

Tony Smith

Brownbread Stud, Ashburnham