Questions over sports complex

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Dear Letters Editor.

Firstly, I would like to thank those Observer readers who provided me with answers to my last Friday ‘rain water’ questions, particularly Barry Jones of Rye.

All very informative, but most, unlike the raindrops that kept falling on my head, going over my head.

Now I have some more questions, this time about the area of land which Ron Harris, (ex Leader of the Town Council) referred to last week, and on which Battle Abbey School is interested in building a Sports complex. As I understand it, this land is presently leased to a farmer. My questions are: (1) How much is the annual rental now?. (2) How much would it be if leased to the school? (3) To what other purpose could it be put for the benefit of the town’s residents?.

There is no question that before any decision is taken, local residents should be invited to express their views and ideas.

Yours truly, John Hill, Glengorse, Battle.