Rampant capitalism needs control

I respond to Tory Cllr. Jenkins’s mean-spirited dismissal of Labour Party Candidate, Sarah Owen, (Rye Observer 19/2/15), and extravagant praise for the achievements Tory MP Amber Rudd.

Ms. Rudd’s supporting our beleaguered fishermen is welcome, as is the support for HS1, but achieving improvements now to Southern Rail, voted the worst in England would be even more welcome.

Regarding Cllr. Jenkins’s strong criticism of the last Labour Government, may I remind him that they inherited an NHS under-funded, under-staffed and falling apart NHS, with two year waiting lists and outdated buildings and schools selling off playing fields to make ends meet year. It took £billions to improve conditions, train staff and PFI has created problems, but improved hospital fabric.. This Government has spent millions on disastrous reorganisation, resulting in demoralised staff and lengthening waiting times.

The last Labour Government also paid the last huge tranche of debt back to the United States for its support in World War ll

Cllr. Jenkins decries Union support for Labour but seems quite sanguine about the Tories being supported by the vastly rich, many of whom it is alleged are tax avoiders, using loopholes the present Chancellor could close if he wished. Private equity bosses alone have donated £7 million to Tory coffers since 2008, but that’s o.k.?. He also ignores the catastrophe of banks beggaring the country by their incompetence and greed, and fat cats collecting huge bonuses paid in ways to ensure paltry taxation.

This Government increased VAT to 20%, another tax on the poor and with the connivance of the Lib-Dems raised tuition fees.

Cllr Jenkins sneers Tristam Hunt for being rich - Messrs Cameron, Osborne and many Cabinet members are loaded, with links to the richest families in the land – glass houses Cllr. Jenkins!

Hastings born Sarah Owen has worked in real jobs, and understands the problems affecting real people paid beggarly wages - it’s no good boasting about increased employment if that increase is at the cost zero hours contracts, poor pay, restrictions on workers’ rights and food banks.

Some things are too important to be left to rampant, uncontrolled capitalism and the huge gap between the richest and the rest is damaging to social structure.

Rita Cox

Rye & District Labour Party