RDC does see car park as a ‘cash cow’

ROTHER District Council (RDC) has quite rightly been criticised for raking in an extra £94,732 from car parks in Battle.

In defending its action, an RDC spokesperson claims that car parking is not a “cash cow for the council” adding that it sets charges “to be as fair as possible to residents”.

Fair to residents? How is it fair to levy an extra 38% income from Battle but only 5% from the rest of Rother? If we take RDC’s justification at face value, they needed to raise an extra £142,003 (13%) from all of its car parks – to any right minded person the “fair” approach would be the levy the 13% increase evenly across the board, meaning Battle would have contributed an extra £32,731 rather than the exorbitant increase of £94,732 actually collected.

So will RDC play fair and refund Battle the £62,001 it’s been over charged? I doubt it - the inconvenient truth is that Battle’s car parks are a “cash cow” that RDC plunders at will and they show no sign of stopping, as I fear next year’s figures will show – watch this space!

Clive Bishop

Asten Fields