RDC favours Bexhill over rural Rother

I JUST do not know how Rother District Council has the nerve to distribute the spring edition of Rother Views to residents of Battle or Rye, or the rural areas, for whilst it contains pages telling us how it has spent millions of pounds on Bexhill and will continue to do so, nowhere else in Rother district is even mentioned.

Not only are we told what a wonderful place Bexhill is, with its refurbished De La Warr Pavilion and Egerton Park, plus the extended museum, state-of-the-art High Street, innovative Elva Business Centre and the new seafront, but we are also regaled with the news that more millions are to be spent regenerating Bexhill’s town centre.

This in order to enhance its commercial and social vitality.

And all this when, with its unfair parking policy and high business rates, it is responsible for creating the opposite effect elsewhere.

We are also informed that Rother residents can elect representatives to RDC on May 5, but what is the point, when at least half of them will be representing Bexhill?

Finally we are told that Rother and Wealden are going to join forces, but not merge.

What a pity, for Wealden Council is more understanding of the needs of a rural community that the urban minded lot at Rother.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle