Recycling service is “pending”

When my next Council Tax Bill arrives, I shall, as usual, be paying the full amount on time. However, should I at any time fail to pay within the set period then this will, of course, and quite rightly, evoke a response. I am sure that it would not be acceptable to Rother District Council for contact with me regarding this matter to be attempted on many occasions and for that contact to be ignored. Nor would it be acceptable for a voicemail to be received every morning, with no facility for Rother to leave me a message. And if Rother did get eventually through to me, it would not be acceptable to be told on five consecutive occasions that the matter is ‘pending’, and for me to give Rother no idea of when payment would be made.

As a decent citizen of this community I would not dream of behaving towards my local Council in such a manner, yet it appears that Rother sees it as perfectly acceptable behaviour to show to the community which it serves. Such is our experience. You see we have a matter ‘pending’ here on Canal Bank, Pett Level, in the form of recycling that has, yet again, not been collected from any house for nearly three weeks. What a pity that Rother cannot respond with the same decency and reciprocity.

Pamela Voice

Pett Level