Residents will get say on loading bay

Dear Sir

I fear the proposal to introduce a loading bay in Rye High Street has become a little confused.

On 28 October Rye Town Council considered the Rye Highways Forum’s recommendation that the proposed bay should operate 24/7 and be restricted to goods vehicles only. The Council amended this scheme, expressing a preference for any vehicle being permitted to enter the bay for loading (or unloading) between 6pm and 7am. However, it this was not acceptable to the Highways Authority, Councillors decided that the bay should be available instead for parking between 6pm and 7am.

The Highways Authority has subsequently indicated that it would be possible to construct the necessary Traffic Regulation Order in order to allow all vehicles access to the bay for loading or unloading between 6pm and 7am. This is currently Rye Town Council’s preferred scheme (along with the bay being restricted to goods vehicles between 7am and 6pm). However, because 6 Councillors were absent from the Council meeting there is a strong possibility that the preferred scheme will be reconsidered in the near future.

Whatever scheme the Town Council ultimately adopts, residents and businesses can be assured that they will have an opportunity to comment formally on the introduction of a loading bay when the Traffic Regulation Order is published for consultation.

Yours faithfully, Richard Farhall, Rye Town Clerk.