Response to anonymous post

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Mrs Everton, Marley Rise, Battle

I would like to inform the individual who wrote to us regarding garden waste on the grass verge behind our property, my husband had every intention of clearing up the garden waste, but unintentionally forgot to do so.

We do take a lot of pride in our home and appearance, we pay the local council for a brown bin and do not take kindly to accusations that we do not! We both work full time and have two children so live very busy lives, which can on occasion lead to people forgetting to do things.

I find it quite disturbing that you would be taking photographs of my husband while he was gardening, as how would you know that he was not going to clear up the waste?

It would have been far more appropriate for you to come and speak with us in person rather than sending a nasty letter with threats of putting my husband on social media and the local press. My husband would have quite happily cleared up the waste had he been approached in a reasonable manner.

Any further issues than please speak to us in person instead of hiding behind nasty letters.