Restoring ability to make deals

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Barry M Jones, Bixley Lane, Beckley

Anti-Brexiteer Stephen Hardy again demonstrates poor knowledge of the EU and trade (29/9/17).

At issue is not the ability to export, but the political hindrance when importing ‘exports’ that hampers mutually beneficial trade.

While there are no customs tariffs between EEC/EU members, significant Single/Internal Market barriers remain, such as the immutable French Maire demi-gods.

By its own definition, the EU is a self-protectionist Customs Union which despises international ‘free trade’ through punitive customs tariffs and costly ‘acquis communautaire’ commitments to enjoy ‘free’ trade. Eighty per cent of British exports go to only around 22 nations (only nine are in the EU) yet while we export more to Jordan (and 40+ others) than Luxembourg, as trade is an EU Competence, EU Common Commercial policies forbid us from negotiating beneficial trade deals with Jordan.

Brexit restores sanity and our ability to make apolitical trade deals with our Commonwealth (10 per cent – sacrificed on joining the EEC), NAFTA and EFTA and emerging economies.

While businesses traded, literally, ‘with the USSR’ via State import agencies, they do not trade ‘with the EU’ but with businessmen in 27 EU nations. As with 150 other nations, under WTO rules, we don’t need to be in the Common/Single market to trade.

Indeed, Britain (and the EU’s) largest trading ‘partner’ remains the USA at around 20 per cent (UK exports to Germany 18 per cent, France 13 per cent...).

Britain’s combined exports to the EU-27 have plummeted from a brief 60 per cent peak to 45 per cent today, fast approaching the (effective) 35 per cent of pre-EEC membership.

Yet Steven remains blind to this and the EU’s major failings: stagnant Eurozone with colossal unemployment and collapsing intra-EU trade as EU nations increasingly rely on extra-EU exports yet as Brexit-Britain will be the EU’s second/third largest export market, EU Cmmmission ‘incompetents’ remain intransigent to a mutually beneficial UK-EU trade deal by demanding punitive ‘acquis’ constraints designed for the 1950s EEC-6... the world has moved on!

The EU’s survival now depends on radical reforms, yet they rejected Cameron’s (half-hearted) reforms forcing his promised In/Out of his ‘reformed’ EU that his and Stephen’s Project Fear deservedly lost.