Rother being unfair to Battle once again

IN their efforts to fill the gap in their budget, RDC has (against government instructions) taken the usual step of putting up parking charges in Battle.

What more can one say on this subject that has not been said before! Not much I’m afraid.

Nevertheless, I will repeat that simply because RDC insist on setting charges here based on the assumption that Battle is a tourist town the whole system is unfair to Battle (and nearby) residents.

If Battle is a tourist town why doesn’t RDC introduce a time-card system here as other councils do in other tourist towns?

The answer is mainly because they prefer to take the easy route.

Another way RDC could solve their budgetary problems (and I stick my neck out here) would be to make a charge (say £5 per year) for what at the moment are free bus passes?

I’m sure the majority of users of these passes would not mind, particularly as (if sensibly used) they save more than that in petrol and car parking charges on a single journey.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle