Rother Council is facing reality

Your article in The Rye Observer of October 31. makes depressing reading as do the comments of some of the councillors that are quoted.

At long last Rother is facing reality which means making economies rather than putting up the council tax year after year.

Combining services with other councils and making use of modern technology are just 2 of many ways of doing this.

Many of the telephone calls to the council, usually to complain about some minor matter, are expensive and time consuming and can easily be dealt with on the web. If nothing else, it makes people think twice about making needless calls.

We are in a different world to that of even 10 years ago. Technology is taking over and woe betide any council that doesn’t make use of it.

There may be teething troubles which the council will need to address. Putting up the council tax by 1.9% is not the way to do this, and I am surprised to see this proposal aired by one councillor who should know better.


Ewhurst Green