Rother should return assets to Rye

I would like to thank everybody who voted in the recent local elections and especially those who supported me at the ballot box.

Much appreciation and acknowledgment is due to my friends and family who helped with my campaign.

I have been, and will continue to convert my election pledges into reality.

It now appears that RDC is unable to afford the maintenance of our public amenities and thus finds itself in a similar position to the old Rye Borough Council, who ceded the town’s assets to Rother when they didn’t have the revenue for their upkeep.

Surely, it would be prudent for Rother to now reciprocate and return these assets to Rye.

Let us hope our two newly elected District Councillors, Cllr. The Lord Ampthill and Cllr.Sam Souster are on side and able and willing to help facilitate this action with utmost expediency.

I’m certain the townsfolk of Rye will be observing them with a forensic eye over the coming months, I know I will.

Cllr. Adam Smith

Tillingham, Rye.