Rye did have the Christmas spirit

I have to disagree

In answer to Ian M Slora’s letter and accusation that there was a “rampant spirit

of scrooge” in Rye on the 7th December, I would like to say that I found his negativity very disappointing and no doubt made some staff in the shops, looking ahead to a long day, angry. It’s easy to criticise without understanding the difficulties of shop keepers and the climate of the economic downturn that has hit the high street this year.

Having said that, I know for a fact that some shops did have mulled wine later in the afternoon and staff had dressed up. I would also like to point out that many shops had made great efforts with their window for the Christmas competition.

It may not have been as wonderful as last year for several reasons - less volunteers, shortage of a good financial year and in terms of the procession, the Academy was busy setting up the Studio School with all sorts of last minute problems, so had little time to concentrate on or partake in a one day outing.

As I understand it, the Strand Quay Christmas Market was cancelled because of the high tide and not because no-one could be bothered. Instead Father Christmas arrived on a boat and quite a few people were at Strand Quay witnessing the fun. This takes quite a lot of negotiation.

Rye Council has just agreed to make some money available for lights and other happenings around Christmas.

May I suggest that Mr Ian Slora makes himself known to the chamber of commerce committee and offers to take on the organisation of next year’s Christmas late Opening Day and surprise us with his exciting vision which he felt was not apparent this year.

Heidi Foster, Rye.