Rye helpless under Rother’s control

RESPONDING to last week’s letter from the lady in Bexhill “looking with envy in the direction of Rye and Battle”, I must disillusion her! Yes, we each have our own town council, but we are as helpless under the control of Rother District Council just as you good people of Bexhill are.

Probably you were not allowed in Bexhill to read of the latest shambles in your old Town Hall, when Rother’s Planning Committee at last managed to award permission for both Sainsbury’s and Tesco to each build a ‘supermarket’ on the same site in Rye – a site already reserved for low-cost housing.

You mention the new ‘shelters’ complete with holes on your Western Parade, but please come and see our new ‘shelters’ at the bus stops on Station Approach in Rye. These French-made horrors have holes also, to allow the wind and rain on to people ‘sheltering’, and RDC spent all of £8000 to provide them for us! I walked along your front recently, to see how RDC have spent £5.25 million on you lucky people. I left no wiser.

No, please don’t envy us, but you good people of Bexhill could join with us in Rye and Battle in seeking to break the grip that the district council have on our affairs?

Alan Bolden

Jarretts Close, Rye