Rye lighting plan

I write to hopefully help people reading last weeks questions on the proposals for reducing street lighting from 12.30am until 5.30am.

A few points that my political opponent seems to have missed.

Rather than scaremongering I have on three occasions raised this with the Town Council in public meetings to get the view of the local Councillors and through this paper have encouraged members of the public to make there views known.

This scheme has been out for consultation and all points raised will be considered before the scheme is implemented,secondly it will be reviewed

after 6 months.

The County Council has a duty to reduce the carbon footprint and spend money wisely, if this was about politics we would not be consulting so close to an election.

This is a county wide policy that needs to be considered adjusted and implemented after considering all points raised and safety needs to be part of that.

If we fail to invest now things will never change except that the lights will go out through lack of money to run them, something the Labour Party have ignored for many years.

Cllr Keith Glazier Conservative Rye and Eastern Rother.