Rye needs a quicker response to snow

RICHARD Farhall, Rye’s town clerk, writes an interesting letter following the recent snow and the response to icy roads and pavements.

Rye Town Council may have few powers but it nonetheless surely has a duty to take what action it can.

Recently these actions could at least have included the following:

- Notify local residents and traders that road salt was to be provided by East Sussex County Council for local use, perhaps with a large notice at the Town Hall or via local press.

- Call for volunteers to assist with the spreading of salt in high risk areas such as East Street, Lion Street and Market Road leading down to Cinque Ports Street.

- Maintain pressure on the relevant authorities to provide the best possible assistance, to make sure salt was delivered urgently to the correct place.

Perhaps all this was done and I missed it, in which case I apologise.

No one could reasonably expect snow and ice to be cleared instantaneously but I do think we should expect some local action within the three days when the town remained treacherous.

I, for one, would have been happy to take an hour or so out of my day to help use up the supply of salt to the benefit of the community had I known salt was available and I look forward to helping out next time.

Simon Parsons

New Winchelsea Road