Rye needs to smarten up for bid

Rye is really going to have to smarten up drastically if it is to help with this bid. I have lived in this area for over 20 years and never seen such shabbiness.

The bid will attract more visitors whether or not it is successful,so is it not time to rid the pavements of dog excrement, the market place of rubbish, smarten up the lavatories (perhaps position some portaloos at busy times as there are not enough in the right places, )and stop cars illegally parking on pavements.

The pedestrian bridge crossing the railway at the north end on the A268 has 3 years worth of impacted leaf mould and is a hazard when wet. On the pavement side ,there is a metal pin standing proud, ready to propel some unfortunate into the road if tripped upon. Where are the people who inspect these places, and have they been along Military Road recently? The patching of pot holes was done early in the year but started breaking up immediately. Now the patch outside The Gazebo is worse than ever. At least give us a warning cone!

The owners of gardens should get a nudge too. There are hedges taking up half the width of the pavement, garden plants allowed to encroach where there are no fences, really unkempt gardens and the ever present dog mess.

Come on Rye, get a grip and make us all proud to live in this fantastic town which has so much to offer.

Sheila Somerville

Military Road, Rye.