Rye PCSO has made a huge difference

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I AM writing in response to last week’s letter “Why bother keeping new station hours?” and Mr Eades remarks with regards to PCSOs.

Rye’s PCSO is a very capable, devoted, approachable and effective member of Rye Police.

He has made a huge difference to the area we live in Rye.

He has very good knowledge of Rye and it’s problem spots.

He knows the people and he is always pursuing and acting upon issues that are brought to his attention.

We are very grateful to our PCSO in his fantastic effort in tackling anti-social behaviour.

He is certainly not a ‘Blunkett Bobby’ that merely guides foreign visitors and helps people across the road.

I hope that our local PCSO does not feel too deflated by Mr Eades of Fairlight’s comments, as I am sure most Ryers appreciate the benefit of his hard work and intelligent, down to earth approach to tackling crime in Rye.

Monika Partridge

Ferry Road, Rye