Rye Retail on Trial by Council

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Rye Council has once again got it backwards.

The small, independent retailers that give visitors good reason to come to Rye, are under attack by the council instead of getting much needed support.

Friday’s article in the Rye Observer, ‘Plans to tackle A-board menace’, which has quotes from two Councillors and The Mayor, follows a council led survey on the signs and décor outside the shops of Rye. It was summed up by the Mayor, ‘It is a problem...’

The council would have saved a lot of time and ill feeling had they approached the ‘menace’ shops and asked them to be more considerate with their signs.

They would have also found out that the majority of signs pictured in the article were on private property, including all the shops on Cinque Ports Street, where there are already few passers-by. Williams Brothers (greengrocer), Little Feet (children’s shoes), Niche (boutique fashion), Peter Farrow (goldsmith), Gentleman’s Quarters (barber), Rye Butchers and The Regent Hotel, all pictured and with signs that are on private property, completely legal and unobtrusive, are understandably upset by the council’s focus and the harmful article and photos.

They already feel the council is not doing enough to encourage Rye visitors to come to the neglected Cinque Ports Street.

This comes as a further blow in tough times. Councillors, please think before taking to the Streets and try talking to your town. Journalists, please check your facts.

Jarrod Frye