Rye supermarket will bring gridlock

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THE headlong rush for a supermarket (even greater than the rush by town council candidates to join the CDR, incidentally, is there a campaign against democracy?) and cheaper food continues unabated.

A Mr Slack (David) from the distance of Tillingham Green speaks of ‘niggly objections’.

These ‘niggly objections’ are, inter alia, unrestricted delivery times, lighting which effects residents sleeping, the elevation of a roof which will ruin a vista of Rye and above all, appalling traffic affecting central Rye, Ferry Road and Udimore Road - bad enough at present when the level crossing gates are down - large lorries driving through the narrow streets, poor access routes into and through Rye of extra supermarket shoppers, all potentially leading to gridlock.

A theme running through the council elections is that of locality. Paradoxically, the arrival of Supermarket PLC will ultimately destroy a local-owed supermarket who at best supports local producers.

David Barling Gasson