Rye will become a ghost town.

Isn’t it strange that after four years of stalemate both Tesco and Sainsbury’s pull out.

Eighty percent of Rye people shop outside Rye - why? Come on ... we all know why. There is not a lot in Rye that us locals can afford. We cannot afford to our big shop at Jempsons, it is too expensive.

I myself, and I am sure I am not the only one, find it very strange that a compulsory purchase order could have been put into place a long time ago and was not.

All the jobs that would have been welcomed by this small dying town have been shelved. I can see the tumble weeds blowing across this ghost town.

Oh, and it was so nice to see Amber Rudd in Rye Jempsons. This is our MP who, supposedly, is doing a lot for Rye. Can she tell myself and others what she has achieved in Rye. She seems to talk the talk but as usual no action.

Linda Lee, born and bred in Rye.