Sale of exotic meat is just nauseating

JANE Quarrington is absolutely right regarding the nauseating prospect of a Rye restaurant serving what is little more socially acceptable than bush meat.

Why not go the whole hog (pardon the pun) and serve up anything that moves?

Supermarkets too encourage animal brutality. Most of the ‘big boys’ have the majority of meat slaughtered in the ‘Halal’ method, ie the animals have their throats slit without being first stunned, (it’s cheaper) although they are given a ‘blessing’, which I am sure makes the animal feel much happier about the whole procedure.

If you doubt me, ask at the meat counter in any well known supermarket - if they can’t or won’t tell you, its Halal - it doesn’t need to be mentioned on the packaging at present.

Interestingly, Duchy Originals meat is slaughtered in the traditional way, stunned first.

At least Jempsons, who take the brunt of some criticism regarding their lack of Sunday trading, have the decency not to supply Halal meat.

Margot Dixon

Mill Road, Rye