Salts fence is dangerous to dogs

Whoever is responsible for the fencing, or should I say the part fencing, off of the football pitch on the Salts in Rye, has not properly thought through the possible ramifications. Either fence the whole area off or leave it as it’s been for years with just one long side fenced. With big square fencing.

As it is at the moment, piecemeal, it is a danger to dogs , especially the rabbit wire which has been used along bits of it. Last Sunday our dog got onto the pitch at the pavilion end through a gap between posts, and when he came running back, he missed the gap and went headlong straight into the rabbit fence, seeing it too late to stop. Luckily he did not need the vet’s attention on this occasion, just suffered a small cut to his nose. He is an intelligent dog but obviously the rabbit wire is too difficult for dogs to see as he’s never had a problem with the square wire.

So why has the wire been put up? To keep dogs or rabbits off the pitch? And why has it only been partly wired. Would someone please do something about it before something more serious happens to a dog.

B. Martin

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