Salts row continues

The barrier which Rye United erect around their pitch at The Salts, Mr. Savory, is put there by us just for the football season, because at the level of competitive football at which the club plays, the Football Association demand it!

Rother District Council eventually agreed to this some years back when the FA enforced this rule nationally.

Yes, it is public land - our players and members are of that same public, and the club pays Rother District Council a lot for the use of the land.

Are you also going to be heavily critical of those other Rye people whose organisations have a) the cricket square always roped off, b) the special bowling practice areas permanently laid, c) the area near the bridge holding that unsightly erection for skate boarding and trick cycling, d) the area which is the home of Rye Bowls Club, e) the children’s playground, f) what was the putting green – and the large areas occupied permanently by the public toilets building, and two car parks ???

Oh, and also that electricity sub-station nestling under the trees at the western end. All these are on The Salts. Maybe they are all acceptable to you.

Maybe we should also resent how in the mid 1800s the railway came cutting a wide swathe across our Salts. On the other side of that, of course, was the northern part of our Salts, eventually taken for use just as allotments, and then much later having houses built all the way across it.

Yes, all this had become public land once the tides were finally kept out, and salt could no longer be collected from it and dried for use as a preservative.

Are you wanting this whole area to be once again clear, and available just for walking, and for the dogs?

Alan Bolden, Jarretts Close, Rye.