Savings should not be unsympathetic

I refer to Joy Wilkinson’s letter (Friday 6 February) ‘What is the cost of library change?’ and to further correspondence in this paper.

Savings must be made in local government and libraries have to take their share but it seems to me to be indifferent management to move someone from a post where he is happy, effective and highly valued by the community he serves unless there really is no alternative. I don’t know whether outside consultants were employed by the council or not when making this decision and, if so, how much they were paid but such consultation are frequently unsympathetic to the culture of the organisations they report on. In this case we, the library users, have had no opportunity to make our views known either before or after the decision was taken to remove our manager whose commitment, good humour and professionalism have made library use such a pleasure.

I note that Councillor Meg Stroude Lead Cabinet Member for Libraries has endorsed as her mission statement ‘We are committed to supporting libraries at the heart of our communities’. I cannot think that this decision will further that aim.

John Esmonde-White

Address supplied