Say your prayers, Rother (or not?)

ROTHER District Council have Christian prayers only before Full Council as a formal part of the meeting agenda.

I am in favour of councillors being given the opportunity for some reflection on higher things before making decisions.

Goodness knows, we could do with some help from a higher authority in these difficult times.

However there are two questions that come to mind.

The first is that the decisions made at the meeting have already been agreed by the ruling Conservatives in their own meeting behind closed doors before the council meeting. Perhaps prayers are needed at the beginning of these closed meetings?

The second is that the Cabinet take almost 100 per cent of the decisions: should they not have prayers before these meetings?

Also people should note that the recent ruling does not ban councils from having prayers, but says they should be outside the formal agenda.

A simple solution is to do as East Sussex County Council does and, if the council wish to continue with prayers, to give the opportunity for those who wish to participate before the meeting starts.


Rother District

Councillor for Salehurst