School should be applauded for improvements

‘HEAD takes staff on EU trip to Spain during term time’ - what a misleading headline this was as it implies that they all went on a jolly happy little holiday.

As residents of Crowhurst with a child at Crowhurst School, we are angered by this article.

Crowhurst School was afford the honour of being the first school in East Sussex to participate in the Comenius Project and Mr Jervis and four teachers travelled to Gran Canaria to gain a better understanding of education and play in that country.

Yes - it was during term time but it was a work-related trip and no company that would expect their staff to use their own holiday time to go on a work-related course.

Our children are extremely well cared for and the education is of a high standard at this school.

Mr Jervis has, with the limited space at his disposal, greatly improved the facilities at this sought after little school and he and the teachers are to be commended for the work that they do.

The absence of the staff for a few days caused no disruption whatsoever and the education of our children did not suffer in any way.

The teachers have returned full of enthusiasm and eager to share their experiences with the children.

Our only regret is that we didn’t jump in first as ou rheadline would have read ‘Teachers keen to further their own education’ or maybe just ‘Congratulations Crowhurst School’.

Scott and Candice Beckingham

Forewood Rise, Crowhurst