Seagulls should stick to the sea

I can’t imagine the seaside without seagulls. White cliffs, sand and rocks, shimmering sea and the seagull’s cry . That’s my idyll.

But, is it me, or are the seagulls more noisy and aggressive and messy this year than usual? Their squealing seems to be incessant and it seems to be louder?

Flocks of screaming birds crowded on rooftops, pooing on people and windows, screaching day and through the night, scaveging for scraps of discarded take away food. Fish and chips on the beach? No - Not if you don’t want to be attacked by seagulls! Let’s face it; if they were hoodies they’d have ASBOS!

Yes, I love seagulls. But the clue is in their name - not roof top gulls - but SEA gulls. Or more correctly to use their proper name the HERRING Gull. The herring [the silver darling] one of the most nutricious fish in the ocean is the perfect diet for the seagull. How many herrings do you see swimming there about the pavements, dustbins and litter bins? Human behaviour has made it too easy for the seagull and so its diet has become bits of take away - that stuff they call ‘pizza’ etc. How; in the long term this kind of diet may affect the evolution of the seagull worrying. The prognosis is not good. Look what turkey twizzlers did to our school children!

Name and address supplied. Rye.