Serving us with inflated figures!

Last week you printed a letter from a ‘David Younge PPC UKIP’ who rather tiresomely bangs on about the EU repeating but editing down his previously published claptrap (is that what the PPC in his title stands for?) that it was conceived by and for Germany as a Superstate in, get this, PPC 1944!

Hiding behind a ‘sent by email’ rather than a proper postal address Mr Younge gets his facts in a complete twist. The wearisome man is clearly not local as he talks about wanting “to continue to serve the people of Battle and Rye into the next General Election”. I wasn’t aware that he currently ‘serves us’ in any way and as a prospective parliamentary candidate surely he is aware that Battle and Rye are in two different constituencies and therefore he cannot now or ever continue to serve them both.

He also repeats his PPC about the EU costing our Parliament £150bn each year, this time leaving out the additional ‘fact’ that it is about £50 million a day. That works out at around £15bn - an awful lot of money but a tenth of what Mr Younge states - naughty, naughty, missing the nought! I trust he is only mathematically- as well as geographically-challenged and not given to telling whoppers in the pursuit of personal political careerism (PPC)!

Andy Stuart

West Street, Rye