Shocked at plan for new constituency

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QUITE often with Government policy you find yourself agreeing with the principle but disagreeing with the way it’s being implemented - such is the case with the proposed constituency boundary changes.

The principle of making constituencies broadly the same size is a sound one.

Let’s not forget that we in the south of England are currently under represented in Parliament compared to voters in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and many urban areas elsewhere in England.

However, I was shocked to see the proposal to move Battle and nearby villages into the constituency of ‘The Weald’, given that the existing Bexhill and Battle constituency is already within the required quota number of voters.

Constituencies are meant to be formed of places with a local affinity and geographical logic.

Unfortunately The Weald fails this test being part in Sussex and part in Kent, comprising a hotchpotch collection of local authority councils, with places as far away from Battle as Crowborough, Cranbrook and Paddock Wood.

If you are similarly concerned about this proposal, the Boundary Commission for England are currently undertaking a review, with the consultation process open until December 5 2011 – please visit the website to have your say.


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