Shops not helping themselves

What a delight! To see Café Fleur next to Rye Station. What a transformation.

I have often heard complaints about lack of business and requests to ‘use them or lose them’ [the shops] in the High Street.

I also hear countless complaints from customers, who having visited Rye on a Tuesday find the shops closed. It is inconceivable, in this day and age, that shops close mid week. Some, too, having closed on Sunday, open on Monday and close on Tuesday!

Can you imagine what it must be like for visitors, and there have been many of them, having taken the time and trouble to visit Rye, arrive here, and find the shops closed! What a disappointment.

Also, it is not fair on the shops who do try to provide a good service in these difficult times.

Who [recently] put the tarmac in the cobbles in Conduit Lane? I thought that one had been dealt with on the last occasion it was done.

Name and address supplied, Rye.