Should ECHR be scrapped?


Caldbec Hill, Battle

Mr Jones (Good always wins over evil, Dec 28) was right.

It was the EEC when Spain joined, not the EU. Spain chose democracy after the death of Franco in spite of some opposition, witness the attempted coup of 1981.

The point I was making is still valid; the desire to join the EEC, with all its economic and political benefits, was a spur to the re-establishment of democracy there as it was in Portugal and Greece.

Catalonia is a different and complicated case. Does Mr Jones believe the EU should intervene to help the break-up of Spain? Should the British Government support Catalonian independence? What role should the EU play if Scotland votes to leave the UK but remain in the EU?

The EU has not imposed sanctions on Austria, Hungary or Poland. It has started legal action against Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for various breaches of EU law including the EU’s charter of Fundamental Rights for example – Poland because the Polish Government has taken control of the judiciary, and Hungary because of the Government’s attempts to close down the Central European University.

Does Mr Jones think that the Polish judiciary is the enemy of the people? Should the British Government take control of British judges when they make decisions the Government doesn’t like?

If the European Court of Human Rights were to play the same role as the ECJ, is that any less supranational?

Or does Mr Jones want the European Convention on Human Rights to be scrapped?