Show you care with referendum vote

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A SENSE of excitement greeted the arrival of my polling card for May 5 referendum as the realisation sunk in that after centuries of struggle to get the vote, we are for the first time being given a say on how we elect our MPs.

In the same week however my enthusiasm was tempered somewhat when I read reports of a likely poor turn-out, possibly as low as 10 per cent in Hastings where there are no local council elections.

My thoughts immediately turned to why I passionately believe we need to change the voting system, it came in the aftermath of the MPs expenses scandal where something seemed very rotten with our system that gifted MPs with jobs for life, where they didn’t have to work very hard to get elected.

Be under no illusion, a low turnout will send a signal to the ruling class in Westminster that we are all very happy with things, or worse, that we can’t be bothered to change it – ie Don’t Vote = Don’t Care.

This is the very same set of circumstances that allowed them to fiddle their expenses and steal from us, the taxpayer.

For the sake of our democracy, I implore you to vote in the referendum (whether Yes or No) and show the politicians that you care about how your MP is elected.

Show the politicians that you care how your MP is elected - vote in the referendum!

Clive Bishop

Asten Fields, Battle