So who should reign over us?

MILLIONS of us sang last week for our Sovereign’s 60th anniversary ‘Long May She Reign’ but of course the truth is she does not reign over us any more.

This is done by our unelected masters in Brussels.

Such an astronomical revolution for this country has happened by stealth since Heath deceptively signed the Rome Treaty which contravenes our British unwritten Constitution, betrays the Commonwealth and contradicts the book of Common Prayer (Article 37).

As the disgusting cutbacks for our Armed Forces bring unemployment to those who are prepared to give their young lives to protect us from the world’s bullies, as the sick are denied treatment which could save their lives, the old are neglected as care cannot cover their increasing needs, schools cannot be repaired for lack of funds and the general economic situation becomes more serious, those who suffer in consequence can ‘take comfort’ that their sacrifices are going to keep the Eurocrats in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Somehow, I cannot imagine anyone singing that these over-paid foreigners may ‘Long Reign Over Us’.

Let’s have that long promised, but denied, referendum and see who we prefer to ‘Reign Over Us’.

Flora Jenner

Max Gate, Hurst Green