Sorrowful news about battle site

Most local residents will know by now that the Time Team has decreed that the Battle of Hastings took place roughly on the junction of Upper and Lower Lake.

This, in my opinion, is sad news, especially for those dedicated historians who have spent years investigating possible sites at Crowhurst and Calbec Hill.

I even feel sorry for English Heritage, for no longer will the signage around the site where the battle didn’t take place have to go, but so, presumably, will the annual re-enactment and other similar events.

I’d feel even sorrier if EH was more Battle resident-friendly.

One possible gainer in all this is the Battle Museum because an axe head (the only likely relic of the battle) is on display there.

Many readers may feel, as I do, that until the burial site of all those killed in the battle is located, we remain sceptical.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle