Sorry to see councillor leave

I was saddened to hear that Councillor John Lee had resigned from Rother District Council, losing with his resignation a councillor of exceptional ability and integrity.

I met John for the first time at a seminar at Kent County Council, Maidstone, when the subject was Scrutiny, where it was explained how Scrutiny could benefit a council, but sadly it does not work like that at Rother.

Although born within days of each other in different part of the country from different backgrounds and, almost certainly, different political views, this was never discussed. What brought us together as colleagues then friends was John’s vision for Bexhill with the formulation of an assembly as the other two towns and parishes have, therefore, the policy of devolving services would also apply to Bexhill as localism would appear to require. It is unfortunate that this has not been achieved, but another day or another Council and who knows.

I, along with many others, wish him well and regret the various pressures that have meant such an able man could no longer continue as councillor.

Councillor Sam Souster

Rother District Council, Rye Ward