Sound of gulls is part of Rye

Why is it that people moan about Seagulls?

If you are so unhappy about the Gulls move away. This is the Gull’s space, they have enough problems getting enough fish to eat, so when the public feed them or leave food around they obviously take advantage of it.

We have only been here for a couple of years and have had the pleasure each year watching the nest below our window and the babies growing up.

Yes it is noisy but that’s what having babies is all about, and we do get our car messed up. We have had a friend staying with us and said it was lovely waking up to the sound of the gulls. Why is it that people always complain about natural things in life? Such as a cock crowing, church bells, but they put up with noisy humans.

Name supplied, Magdala House, Rye,