Speed limit in Beckley is ‘mad’

Now I know the world has gone mad! For years the parish council campaigned for an unnecessary 30mph speed limit through Beckley, but one ‘in a rural style’. So now we have more white lines, hatching, red and yellow boxes and street furniture than Oxford Circus, and more ‘chicanes’ than Silverstone!

Now, ‘to enhance road safety’, the Council has planted 6” wooden posts in the middle of footpaths and verges forcing pedestrians, mothers with prams and wheelchair users off the kerb in to the path of traffic.

I hate to think what Phase 2 of the planners’ urban utopia will bring.

The irony is that more accidents occur in 30mph zones then elsewhere.

Is it time to bring back the man waving a red flag?

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley