Speed limits are not enforced anyway, so why would it help Battle’s road safety problems?

From: Terry Milford, Netherfield Road, Battle

Whenever road safety is raised, the reduction of speed limits is mooted (Mary Boorman, letter, July 27).

There is a clear and obvious need for a pedestrian crossing on Battle Hill which I fully support but speed limits are a different matter.

It is rarely drivers who abide by the existing limits who cause danger. The problem is that they are not enforced and are broken with impunity.

One only has to stand by the A2100 going north out of Battle for 10 minutes to witness multiple infractions by considerable margins.

I have never known these 30 and 40mph limits be enforced.

So, before pointlessly spending scarce council resources on reducing limits to 20mph which will also not be enforced, let’s spend some of those resources on ensuring the existing rules are obeyed which might actually bring an improvement.