Speeding towards even bigger profits

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ONE of the Conservatives’ ‘bright ideas’ to give themselves a boost at their conference was for the Transport Minister, Philip Hammond to suggest we should have an 80 mph limit on motorways, not that that would have much impact here in East Sussex, being a county without a single kilometre of motorway.

However he said it would boost the economy. Much more likely to boost the profits of the oil companies, as going faster uses up more fuel and increases pollution.

Did Cameron say he was going to lead the greenest government yet?

Hardly likely if this hare-brained scheme comes to pass.

What does our local MP think of the idea, in his position as a minister at the Department for Climate Change? Not a lot I trust.

This is quite apart from the fact that raising the speed limit will cause more accidents and those accidents will have worse consequences as a result of that higher speed, which I believe will drift in practice up to 90 mph.

It will increase congestion as well since cars travelling at higher speeds occupy more effective road space, leaving less for we more sensible drivers who are trying to drive as economically as possible, when we do have to use our cars.

Stephen Hardy MBE

High Street