Sports hall plan a non-starter

ALONG with many other local residents, I appreciate the thoughts on a possible sports hall provided by Mr Clive Mills (Chairman, Local Action Plan) in last week’s Observer.

But, as I see it, because the only route to/from the site would be via the single line track along Park Lane, the very suggestion of a car park in George Meadow is a non-starter.

Furthermore, the cost of the initial building, even with grant subsidies would be a considerable long-term charge on local finances.

In addition (as if that wasn’t enough) a proper sports hall with swimming pool would involve high running costs and very expensive staffing.

If development of the site is agreed to at all, would it not make more sense to lease the land to the Abbey School and use the profit to maintain the historic Memorial Hall.

I agree we wouldn’t get a swimming pool, but with all this rain around swimmers could easily build one in their own back garden and then charge outsiders to use it.

John Hill