Stagecoach cut the wrong 50 per cent

IT would seem that Stagecoach are ensuring that their new bus time tables give them an economic operation here in East Sussex without considering the customers wider requirements of travelling further a field.

The old 325 service came here in Rye Harbour twice an hour, just after the hour and half hour, and using the half hour bus delivered you to the station within 15 or so minutes to get a ticket and catch a train going east or west and beyond!

Now the new 312 service only provides one bus an hour and that’s just after the hour and leaving you at the station with a 45 minute wait for any train.

One can understand to some extent the need to reduce some or part of the existing services in the present climate but they cut the wrong 50 per cent.

So what do you think of our chances of getting it switched around?

In the meantime I wait for the next Stagecoach...

Roy Roberts

Rye Harbour