Still time to leave the EU

After 18 years we still have time to leave the EU

Please see my letter to your newspaper dated 3rd June 1994 under the title of ‘TIME TO QUIT THIS EXCLUSIVE CLUB’. [Copy of this letter is attached]

The various ‘governments’ we have had to endure, not one of them has had the sense to offer us the chance of a vote of either staying in or out of the European Union. Labour has made complete fools of us over the thirteen years they were in power, but the Conservatives are no better with their posturing and threatening to ‘with hold their dues’ unless ‘they come to an ‘arrangement’!

With the threat of the UK Independence Party, I believe Mr Cameron is coming round to this idea of the ‘exclusive club’, but there is the ‘rub’ - he is frightened by his own shadow of being cast onto a pile of ‘used’ Euro-notes and he will be the laughing stock for the whole world; because when we are ‘in’, the end result will be that we at the mercy of the Europeans and it is quite feasible many more will come over to ‘overseer’ the true ‘natives’ of this land.

Brussels is still very busy pouring out their endless stream of rules and regulations that the rest of Europe simply ignore - it is only us obeying and it is time we realised that we are being taken for a ride. This country will never be comfortable being tied to Europe, and as I said in the previous letter, our people being dominated by anyone’, let alone the Germans and Frenchmen who we have beaten twice in 1805 and 1816 and twice in 1918 and 1945.

Frustration is seething, and although it is 18 years since writing to you, the rising tide of resentment against the repression of the EU is forever fast approaching, and I sincerely hope that I will be alive when it comes.

Eric C. Wetherill, Playden