Stroke clinic is only open office hours

I HAVE read with interest the letters from both J E Goldsworthy and S N Peel. I feel I must write to put my point of view.

When I had my first TIA (mini stroke) I did not know what had happened to me, or how important it was to get help quickly.

My doctor got me an appointment at the Conquest Stroke Clinic. I had a scan and was seen by the consultant.

I was told that if it happened again I was to go to the Stroke Unit immediately.

When it did happen again it was 1.15pm on a Saturday, there was no one on duty at the clinic and I was told to go to A&E.

Once there my name and address was taken.

When it came to age, I was told I could not be given a thrombolytic injection as I was over 80, and I was told to wait in A&E until a doctor could see me, which was over two hours later, ie over three hours after the TIA.

The doctor said he would refer me to the Stroke Clinic, but I had to chase them up before I could get an appointment.

I have been told that, due to a lack of funds, the clinic is only open during office hours, not during evenings or at weekends.

J M Kinnear

Langham Road