Supermarket situation needs to be resolved.

Thanks to J Tolhurst for raising some important issues in last weeks edition, unfortunately some of what he said was totally wrong.

I am proud and honoured to be the County Councillor for Rye and Eastern Rother and absolutely spend my time representing the people who elect me. I also agree that when this sale was going through the majority of people of Rye were telling me that they wanted and still want a Sainsbury’s store.

When the County Council sold the site (not something I am qualified or able to do) I am told that Sainsbury’s agreed that they had secured the access necessary. Only after the sale was agreed did Tesco step in and purchase the one house in the row that prevented that happening.

Now we have an impasse between Sainsbury’s and Tesco that needs to be resolved lots of work has gone into trying to achieve this but if it does come down to compulsory purchase to allow a scheme to happen it will be Rother District Council that has the Authority in such matters.

Finally I think the people of Rye still want a new store and I will continue to push for a resolution to the problem.

Cllr Keith Glazier, representing Rye and Eastern Rother.