Tackle population for a greener future

If Dominic Manning was true to himself and his grand-children, 50 years hence, (17/5/13), he would religiously record at five fixed times a day over a year, how many of his wind turbines were turning. He would soon have factual evidence of how unreliable and useless they are at providing energy when we most need it - at dawn, dusk, deep snow and calm, bitterly cold high pressure zone mid-winter days! The proposed Snave Farm will barely compensate for today’s idleness!

Industry cannot operate, or sustain jobs, if there is no wind - ask a windmill owner! Make no mistake, if we demand year round ‘zero-carbon’ energy to meet our exploding population’s insatiable demands, we have no option but nuclear. Our politicians know this, but are doing their utmost to avoid the issue and plunge Britain into a new Dark Age.

Nuclear can provide energy ‘on demand’. Wind and tidal can’t. Worse, there is no viable means of storing off-peak wind energy other than feeding mountain reservoirs for limited peak-demand hydroelectricity. The only industries to benefit from this obsession for wind are turbine-makers, energy companies (both living off massive tax-payer subsidies) and soon, foreign candle makers for none exist in Britain!

If the recent 400ppm CO2 seasonal peak in mid-oceanic Hawaii is due to population growth, what then caused it 4 billion years ago, and the 500 year Mediaeval Warm Period to Little Ice Age? Those weren’t man-made! The politically correct ‘Climate Change science’ is riddled with flawed computer-model predictions based on incredibly short time-spans of comparative data. While statistics can prove an implausible correlation between two disparate events, what is beyond all reasonable doubt is that our current uncontrolled exponential rise in population demands yet more energy and food leading to unstoppable losses of arable and wood-land for yet more homes, roads and, nine months later, people.

Tackle population growth today, and Dominic’s singular grand-child will enjoy a future worth living, with splendid views of the uniquely, green, unspoilt Romney Marsh!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley