Tackling overgrown pathways

I have been informed that my name was mentioned in last week’s Rye Observer regarding the neglect of some home-owners and tenants when their properties overhang/obstruct pathways.

Can I ask concerned parties to (if able to), when you have the time, to walk along areas/pathways your property adjoins, or you are responsible for.

So you can witness for yourself or imagine how difficult it would be for a wheelchair or mobility user, or anyone with access needs and difficulties in such areas.

I am sure most people simply do not realise how dangerous overhanging/neglected vegetation is when trying to walk, navigate in such areas for pedestrians, or not affected by disability, or being vision impaired?

Thanks for your time in reading this, and co-operation in dealing with?

If for whatever reason you can not do?

Then contact your local council or me.

Christine Ward