Take note, RDC

I FOUND the news item in last Fridays Observer that Rother District Council want to raise £1,253,199 from car parking charges most interesting.

A council spokesman is quoted as saying “The money generated from car parking charges will be used for the running costs of these facilities including maintenance, security,and pursuing and collecting unpaid parking charges. Any money left over is used for essential services such as waste collection, recycling and street and beach cleaning. We feel the oarking charges in place in the District are fair and balance the needs of traders and residents with the need to generate revenue to ensure we can continue to provide the services the people need.”

In July 2013 residents of the London Borough of Barnet took their council to court on the basis that the 1984 Road Traffic Regulation Act prevents councils from using parking charges and fines as a stealth tax to fill their cash strapped coffers to subsidise other services they provide and won the day!

Rother should take note!

J E Goldsworthy